Our Process

Steve guides his clients through a methodical four-step process:

Step One: Determine Client Needs

To begin, Steve has an in-depth conversation with each client. Every client is unique, so Steve takes the time to learn about each client’s current financial picture as well as their goals and expectations for the future. It’s also important to determine investment objectives (such as growth or income) and the client’s comfort with investment risk.

Step Two: Develop a Plan

Depending on each client’s circumstances, Steve assists with retirement planning and investment portfolio recommendations designed to help manage volatility and risk through diversification while taking advantage of opportunities for growth and/or gains. Through the resources of D.A. Davidson & Co., Steve is also able to provide specialized services such as Estate Planning and Comprehensive Wealth Planning.

Step Three: Implement the Plan

Once the client’s investment decisions are made, the investment portfolio is assembled.

Step Four: Review and Adjust

With their objectives in mind, Steve consults with clients to review investment portfolio performance and keep up-to-date on any changes that might affect the client’s investment objectives. When changes are warranted or opportunities are evident, Steve discusses the solution choices before making adjustments and the whole process begins again. For Steve’s clients, the result is the comfort that comes from having a plan in place and knowing that a professional is in their corner helping watch over it.